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The Deceived Church

Though the Bible tells us not to lean on our own understanding, people generally won’t consider anything but their own understanding and this is why they fail. Hosea 4:6 tells us God’s people are destroyed through the willful lack of knowledge.

Yes, Judge The Book By The Cover

Something I’ve always loved about my church is how I was initially received. When I first started coming to Family Church I was living in the world and living in it bad. I was a master of the works of the flesh and took pride in my debauchery. When I came in disheveled, pierced, tattooed, hungover, and reeking like an ashtray (in other words, I was not what’s considered churchy), people didn’t judge me but rather loved on me.

The Illusion Of Freedom

We live in a time when it’s an increasingly popular idea that the decision of a persons’s will or desire is always the right choice for them. “Do what’s good for you”, is common advice both in and out of the church. Really what’s being said is, “do whatever you want to and justify it by claiming it’s right for you.” Is this really sound advice?


Family Church Mayville is located at 65 W. Lake Road in Mayville, New York

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