I’m So Weak 😭 (ATP)

I’m So Weak 😭 (ATP)

In 2 Corinthians 12:9 Paul speaks about God’s grace being sufficient enough. Sometimes I get confused when I read the Scriptures that say “I will boast of my weaknesses”. If you are in a Bible teaching church you are taught to be positive and speak positive, so why would you boast about your weaknesses?

The key to living like a Christian really comes down to one scripture, Mark 11:22, “And Jesus answered saying to them, “Have faith in God.” The scripture in question is really another way of saying the same thing.

In context, Paul is talking about opposition He was dealing with, a thorn in the flesh. Now I have heard many debates of what Paul was dealing with specifically, but I think all that is a distraction from what the Word is trying to get us to see. Paul was a man of faith. He lived faith, he taught faith, and he sought faith. He quoted scripture many times saying, “The just shall live by faith.” Paul certainly was not living outside of his faith and we see this here.

The very fact that scripture tells us that he sought the Lord three times gives us this knowledge. Paul knew what it was to diligently seek God in faith and that’s what he was doing here. As he did, he got his answer and his answer should be our answer. We all may not specifically hear the voice of God for every situation, God also expects us to know His word.

God said, my grace is sufficient for you. This needs to be our focus, so let’s look at it. God’s grace is basically His ability that He places on us when we are not able to do something. That last part is important. God will not empower self sufficiency. If you are able to fix a situation but you don’t, don’t expect a miracle to overcome it. I have many examples of this in my own life.

Whether it was smoking or weight loss or a myriad of other things, FOR ME, God has made me crucify my own flesh as I seek change. I have known others whom God has just removed the trial. For some He will, some He won’t and His reasons generally have to do with many factors, not the least of which is how He desires to use each one. Many things in my life God has not just taken them away though I pleaded for Him to. Why, you may ask? God knows me, He knows you, and He knew Paul. He knows what we can overcome and what we can’t. Sometimes God’s knowing exceeds our knowing and in those times He says, my grace is sufficient. In other words, you will have to press through this because the end of this will result in empowerment. If you are going to do anything for God, you will need to be empowered!

See, we are a mix of a few things working together and that is by design. God has gifted everyone with some thing or things, and for what we are not gifted in He makes up the difference. God knows this, however He desires that we know this as well. He strengthens our weaknesses and hones our abilities and in times where this is happening, our flesh usually suffers. In this case, God was telling Paul, now I want you to rely solely on Me, in faith.

Remember, the essence of faith is trust. Being Christians, we all have some faith but God desires to grow this in us. Faith will only be grown when we continually step out into the realm of what we couldn’t possibly accomplish, knowing what God wants us to do, relying solely on His ability (grace in us). This is where faith is born and where it grows. When Paul says he will gladly boast in weakness he is not glorifying being broken!

What Paul was saying is, if God’s power and glory is magnified in me when I am weak then I rejoice when I am weak! Why? Because God’s power is magnified and glorified in me! When we do what we naturally can’t by God’s ability, God is glorified in our midst. This is exactly what God has called us to do. This glorification always results in our blessing.

I tell people often when I preach, it is a sign and wonder every time I get into the pulpit and finish a sermon. People have no idea the weakness of my flesh when it comes to these things but it is proof to me and others every time that God is awesome! Though hard on my flesh, each and every time God comes through only increases my faith and thus I trust Him even more! Each and every time, God comes through!

The take away is this, sometimes we will ask God to alleviate some trial and His response or implication will be, my grace is sufficient. This doesn’t mean we live defeated or depressed, it means we rejoice KNOWING God will do something amazing! That’s called living in faith and that is what pleases Him most! Trust God, do good, He hasn’t yet, and will never leave us powerless! Victory in Jesus, Amen!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Jeff