Waiting On God

Waiting On God

Faith is such a wonderful thing we are given. It’s a blessing to be endued with the ability to have hope for more than we have right now, and have the confidence that while it seems as though we don’t have it currently, in time with patience it will happen. This is what Hebrews 11:1 tells us faith is. It’s not your denomination, it’s not what church you belong to, it’s what you believe and expect God to be in your life. What a mighty God we serve!

As with all the promises of God, it is incredibly important to know what the scripture tells us. When we understand scripture, we understand God and know His will for our lives. We know according to scripture that His will always points TOWARD blessing, however there is always a path that leads to it. You don’t quantum leap on over to the blessing or the end but rather you obtain through faith and patience (Hebrews 6:12). This period in between knowing what the promise is and the promise actually coming to pass is the realm of faith. How you go through this period either qualifies you or disqualifies you and it let’s you and God know exactly what your faith is. This is the place where faith is proven and is the place where we please or displease our Heavenly Father the most. This is where we obtain or lose out. God intends for us to obtain!

What people fail to see is, although Jesus said we would see trial and persecution, Christians always seem to be taken aback at their particular trial. The truth is, the greater the blessing on the other side, THE GREATER THE TRIAL WILL BE. The trial does not define us and therefore doesn’t (or shouldn’t) even really matter to a believer. This is because if you are truly a believer you already know the answer and have already received the victory. So for a believer all that’s left is patience until it manifests. Yes, the trial does not define us, how we go through it does.
Christians are so often waiting on God to move and they do so in vain. What do I mean? Jesus said in John 19:30 and Revelation 21:6, “It is done.” God has done all that He is going to do. What is left is for us to take our place of authority, AND DO THE WORD, AND wait!!! Notice the ands! If you aren’t a good steward of what you have, in anything, you cannot expect more. If you abuse your body, don’t expect healing. If you don’t live in love, don’t expect God’s blessing. If you don’t tithe and give, don’t expect the windows of Heaven (God’s increase and supply) to be opened. Don’t partner with the devil and expect God to clean up the mess. It’s that simple.

God is looking for those who will prove their faithfulness in all things. As you’re good and faithful with what God has given you, He will cause increase in your life. Faithfulness isn’t spending (not just money) what you don’t have and believing God for more. It doesn’t work that way. Be faithful with what you already have! A dear minister of the Gospel has said, “Faithfulness isn’t proven in days, weeks, and months, but in years!” The further I go in ministry the more real this becomes to me. In Luke 6:38, Jesus said to give and it will be given to you. You can’t give what isn’t yours or increase what doesn’t exist. Start with what you have and let God bring the increase. Just like Him, His ways are real, are undeniable, and are sure!

Be Blessed,
Pastor Jeff

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