A Cow At A New Gate

 A Cow At A New Gate

Rules. People sure don’t like rules. I understand it, too. I mean, isn’t that why we grow up? So we dont have to follow rules anymore, right? 

Of course, I’m joking. We know as we mature that rules are necessary to sustain life and keep us safe. The truth is, there is still a part of us that doesn’t like being told what to do. If there is any place I have seen this, it’s in the church.

Recently my wife and I were driving on our road when we came across a cow that had somehow escaped the fence. She was standing on the side of the road and watched me closely as I slowed down to talk with her. (I like to talk with animals on the side of the road!) In the moment, ol’ Bessie wasn’t considering who I was in particular but there was an interaction between us that I found both amusing and interesting. You could tell she was pretty sure I was there to put her back in her fence. Though I was not, her defiance at my being there was hilarious. She mooed loudly and nervously as she hurriedly moved away from us. She wanted to keep her freedom!

Now, we know animals don’t think on the highest plane. Much like children, they want what they want regardless of the consequences. Much like people they want what they want regardless of the consequences. See, the farmer that owns this cow didn’t put up a fence because he was trying to make her suffer. He did so to protect her. The fence or the rule, is strictly for the cow’s benefit. I know, this is basic, but I am building to a point.

We have a Book that is full of fences. Directions and rules and various instructions to keep us in a place of blessing and bring as many others as possible along too. God desires that we live long and see good days (Psalm 91:16 & 1 Peter 3:10). He knows though that there is one who is opposed to us and is doing all be can to keep us from it. Beyond that there is our flesh which is sure that the grass on the other side is much better. Nevermind the wolves waiting for you to come over so they can freely attack. Fences serve many purposes.

I find when I preach there is sometimes a bit of defiant mooing. People do not like to hear that they are wrong. They don’t like to hear that the side of the fence they chose will hurt them but sometimes it does. Pastor literally means shepherd. Don’t make the mistake of thinking God accidentally used this word. He gave us pastors (shepherds) to help us stay on the right side of the fence. Those pastors are to protect us and help guide us to the proper place of supply, and I for that, am thankful. See, though I am a pastor, I too have a pastor. 

Don’t be upset when God uses the ones He put there to help you to correct you and keep you right. Don’t grow weary by direction and correction in righteousness. God is building things in us that cannot be broken. He wants to take us to places the devil can’t stop. If we didn’t need shepherds, He wouldn’t have given us them.

Matthew 9:36 (NKJV)

But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Jeff