Faith Fix: A Giving Heart (ATP)

This week’s question is one any faithful believer has probably asked themself. “What if your heart is doing what’s right but in your mind you have “voices” (satan) telling you you’re doing things for the wrong reasons but you are sincere about what you’re doing…for example, giving. We give because we’re taught that and for me personally I love to give and bless people, but satan will say “you’re just doing it to get something yourself” and no matter how many times I try to quiet that, it returns each time and that is NOT the case.”

Well, first we need to separate giving and tithing. Tithing is a command of scripture. Our favorite clear scripture on it is Malachi 3:10, which we usually read in church. Tithing, the commandment of bringing it as well as the amount to bring, are specifically spelled out in scripture, so that makes it easy because it is a command. When we tithe, we do it in obedience so it doesn’t fully matter the motive. I say fully because motive is always important but obedience to God’s command cannot be opposed, without being in disobedience to God.

As far as giving goes, though it is also a command, the process is a whole different thing. The best way to always answer any question is with the Word. 2 Corinthians 9:7 is maybe one of the most clear scriptures on giving. It is to giving what Malachi 3:10 is to tithing. It says, “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.” It sounds like to me that you are a cheerful giver. You love to give, you aren’t doing it to gain special points. You’re doing it because you want to share what God has done for you. In other words, your heart has purposed to give and that’s wonderful! We can and should always check our motives, for sure. If I’m giving just to gain favor with someone or to get something from God, of course that would be wrong. However, if because we understand scripture and give because we know God will always supply us, that is a great motive. Again we are being obedient to His commandment.

That said, whatever we do we should do it with purpose. So if you know your purpose ahead of time then the way to deal with the devil is easy. Your purpose doesn’t have to be anything grand, maybe only to make someone smile, but it’s still purpose. I know why I’m giving so when the devil comes knocking we deal with him the way Jesus did. We answer his attack with the Word of God. “Devil, the Bible says as one purposes in their own heart to give, let them give. I have purposed in my heart to give such and such and because of that God has accepted it! Beyond that He tells me that He will give me the ability to give more so I am going to continue! Shut up in Jesus name!”

Satan hates the Word and even more so a Christian who speaks it. When you know your authority, and you use it, the devil can’t stay because the Bible says so. If he comes back, start reminding him of his free ticket to hell and how you are saved and blessed by Jesus. I guarantee he will not want to stick around! Remember, God loves a cheerful giver. The amplified version of this verse says, “He is unwilling to do without it”. Don’t let the devil or anyone else steal your joy in giving. It blesses God and He has already accepted it. When you give, practice praise. Praise Him while you give, for the ability to give, for the joy of giving and no devil will want to be anywhere near you!

Be Blessed,

Pastor Jeff