Rooted In Truth (ATP)

Rooted In Truth (ATP)

“My sister is dealing with an evil spirit; she feels guilty because she is sick and not able to do “her responsibilities” as a wife and mother. How do I explain to her these feelings are not hers, but suggestions that satan and his followers are putting into her mind?”

Often times, as I have seen over and over, what seems to be the issue isn’t the issue at all. I’m starting by saying this because as I read this question, in my spirit I already know the answer. The first question I would ask if I were standing in front of this person would be this, “Do you have a pastor and are you in a good Bible teaching church?” It would be my guess the answer to both of these would be no.

Psalms 92:13 tells us, “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.” Matthew 9:36 says, “But when He (Jesus) saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them, because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd.” You can see some very important truths here, mainly without a good local church and pastor you cannot flourish and you will be both weary and scattered.

We have to understand that these things were and are important to God. If it were not so the Bible wouldn’t stress these things in various ways all throughout it.

Somethings we know for sure about the devil is that he is a liar and he always tries to deceive “believers” from the truth. Through many various methods he has convinced people against what God has given them to prosper. Whether through pride, hurt, evil doctrine, or a myriad of other things God’s people have been manipulated into believing they don’t need the things God gave them to prosper, in order to prosper. They reject God’s way and then convince themselves that the hell they are living is God’s will. That’s twisted theology, but even many church leaders have bought into this! However, you simply cannot get away from truth.

Whenever I have counseled someone I tell them the same thing, “If you come to church, do your best to follow the instruction you get, and get yourself in the plan of God, a year from now you will not recognize your life.” I stand by this statement. I was as lost as one could be. I was as bound as a human can be and yet none of man’s ideas, whether secular or theological, could set me free. It wasn’t until I got planted in a church, and under a true pastor who taught me the Word of God that my life changed.

Now, you may think that I dodged the question, but I didn’t, I assure you. The answer is simple: until a person truly submits their life to God’s plan, which always includes a pastor and a truly Bible-based church, no amount of advice or counsel will help them. They will not see change because they are refusing the avenue that God Himself has laid out. So often people pray for things and don’t get answers because they refuse the ones God has already written about. Remember the advice of Naaman’s servant as found in 2 Kings 5. If he told you to do something great you would have done it but what he told you to do was simple, so just do it!

I often have said that the answer to 99% of all problems is actually not very hard. We just have to be willing to accept the answer. If we reject God’s way of doing things, no amount of pleading or begging will fix us. The only cure for disobedience is obedience. It was always this way and I suspect it will always be, according to His Word.

Be Blessed,

Pastor Jeff