All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible

Mark 9:23 (NKJV) Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”

What a wonderful statement from such a wonderful God! All things are possible to him who believes. Jesus made such radical statements. The Bible is full of such radical claims. No other system of beliefs has such promises, such hope. In no other faith did God become man to die for his beloved. What an amazing God we serve! Yet, there are those that don’t believe.

I’m not talking about those on the outside but rather those that call themselves believers. Imagine that, believers that don’t believe! It sounds absurd, doesn’t it? It sounds absurd but, it’s the truth. As a Christian that believes that every word of the Truth is truth, and that Jesus meant what He said and said what He meant, I have been opposed so many times by those of the same faith.
So why the disparage? It is because there is a devil who deceives even those who are called followers of Christ. When people don’t take heed according to the Word of God and put more stock in tradition rather than the commandments of God, they easily get misled into all kinds of paths. It causes division within the Body which is precisely what the devil is trying to do because it is precisely what the Lord hates. By causing divisions it makes the Christian faith look weak and ineffective. Let’s face it, when believers can’t agree on what they believe, the world sees no point to our faith because truth to them becomes subjective. This is where the popular theology that says, “we are all right,” becomes prevalent. It’s sad because Jesus paid such a great price so we could know God’s will and His thoughts.

We are shown in Romans 1:28 what happens then: “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting.” When people refuse to believe the Word, they refuse to believe the Lord and so God gives them over to their wrong way of thinking. If someone rejects truth they will be full of lies! It’s not God’s will but theirs, and people live this lie constantly. Calling yourself a Christian grants you no special privileges; only believing the Word will. That’s why a Christian that believes that God makes them sick will never experience His healing. A Christian that believes God wants them poor will never know His promised supply. A Christian that believes God wants them broken will never know His victory.

Contrary to popular belief, God is not some kind of puppet master controlling all the events of the earth. God isn’t in Heaven deciding who to take out today. God isn’t sending hurricanes or other natural disasters to wipe people out for judgement. If He is, He keeps missing the ones truly in need of judgement. God is waiting for people to believe and then act according to their belief in prayer, forming and shaping their world into what it needs to be. Try Mark 11:23-24 on for size!

God’s Word is clear: what you believe is what you will get because belief is the first step of faith. Faith, only, is what pleases God and the just, if they are to be just, will live by that faith. Don’t give up the Truth for a lie. Read your Word and believe it because it is His Word. You cannot separate God from His Word, He wouldn’t have said it if He didn’t mean it.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Jeff