Church Isn’t For God

Church Isn’t For God

Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.”

Church, the assembling together of the Body of Christ, is not for God. He commanded this for His people to help humanity. People who lack revelation of this think they are doing God some kind of favor when they show up to church or give to the church. God gave us the church and He gave us pastors (found in church) to equip us.

The most important thing to God is people. Most specifically that they first find salvation but, equally as important, that they live in that salvation. What do I mean, you might ask? Salvation is not just for when you die. The Bible tells us we are redeemed from the curse. This redemption is only found in salvation. We are told that we are given exceedingly great and precious promises and it is up to us to find and live in them.
These things are gifts of God: salvation, the church, the ministry offices, Jesus. Yet so many take them so lightly. Imagine you worked and planned very expensive and thoughtful gifts for someone you love. Imagine spending years working on them, pouring everything that was in you in them. Now imagine that the day came to give those gifts and the one you did this for reacted like, “Eh, I could take it or leave it! I know it meant so much to you but really I’d just rather have my own things!” I know that sounds crazy but people do this with God everyday.

Salvation wasn’t just a gift, it was everything God had to give, given for people that could care less. His gift was pure love and people to this day reject it and toss it aside like garbage. God gave us salvation first to save us, then to provide for us, and ensure that we could always be with Him. Salvation is a box full of wonderful gifts and yet people will rifle through that box like it’s second hand cast offs in a rummage sale. They will pick and choose what they want or need in the moment, and just push aside the others they don’t think suit them. These people deceive themselves thinking that they can get away with going part way with Him. God does not give things that aren’t useful. His gifts are wonderful and pure and most importantly, needed.

We need to be of the mindset that if God gave it we are unwilling to go without it. If Jesus died for it, it needs to be prized. Romans 12:31 tells us to, “earnestly desire the best gifts”. God gave us Jesus, the Church, the Holy Spirit, and our pastors because we needed them and because He loved us. He gave them because they were what would keep us in His plan and blessing.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:21, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” If what you treasure is all in the world then the things of God will not be your heart. I see this too often in the church, people so consumed with the world that God stuff isn’t even a thought. I see parents who allow their kids in so many activities that they don’t have time for church. I hear them make excuses of being busy as if God understands. These are people who have zero revelation of the importance of the Body of Christ (believers and the church) and of the importance of Jesus dying on the cross. To them church is only for when it’s convenient for them and they could care less about their part in it. People go without because people don’t treasure what’s important to God. What’s more, the next generation is increasingly moving away from God because the parents of the previous one never made Him important. Parents will lead their kids to hell, being deceived by what they won’t do.

Don’t be deceived by the distractions that so readily snare us. Don’t lose sight of what means so very much to God. Love Him and love His people by turning your focus to what truly matters. Don’t cast aside what God gave through love. Embrace, desire, and pursue with all your heart that which God gave everything for. Your life, that of your families, and of your brothers and sisters in Christ depends on it.

Be Blessed,
Pastor Jeff