Faith Fix: Our Civic Responsibility

Faith Fix: Our Civic Responsibility

This is what the Lord dealt with my heart several days before the upcoming (now current) election. It was spoken this Sunday in our church service. Here is the transcription.

The burden to have the right people in authority is not as much about the church as it is the innocent who still need to know the Lord. It is about the unborn babies because it is them who abortion affects, not the believer. We don’t live for ourselves and yet we think that if the wrong person is in office it should have a great affect on whether or not God can bless us. It is not about us it’s about the unsaved, unknowing, lost world. That is not to say that judgment does not affect us. Because if the wrong things happen that is our fault. The blood of babies who needlessly die will be on the hands of Christians who did not do their part

We are no longer of this world but we are supposed to be the authority, in control and the help to this world. We are here as ambassadors of God to change the lives of people and to lead them into His kingdom.

If there’s anything the Lord has shown me in times of pandemic and times of trial is that He will not only just take care of me but He will increase me. Famine is not to have an effect on a faith-filled believer from the standpoint of how it would change their lives. God always takes care of His people who trust Him to do so.

Have you forgotten the exhortation which says if God is for us who can be against us and what can man do to me? (Romans 8:31) Men do not control our lives anymore than the devil controls our lives, unless we give them the authority to do so. The authority is not in the voting booth, the authority is in faith and in the confession of the faith-filled Believer. (Though voting right is important.)

Stand for what is right, follow peace, and do not fear any man. What can man do to the one who is in faith? The answer is, very little. We have the victory, we have the Christ, we have the Spirit of God indwelling each of us to lead us and guide us into all truth. What is your truth? What will you believe?

Be Blessed,

Pastor Jeff